Ken (izuko) wrote in sapiosexuals,

A little ground work

It's natural that a site like this will, from time to time, brush on contraversial subjects. This is all well and good, but such things can often devolve into intellectual McCartheyism. While there are certainly things that are right and wrong, we are not omniscient. There are people who will post here who are every bit as intelligent as you, and just as educated, who have opinions and views that are radically different than your own... whether they be creationists or evolutionists, pro-life, or pro-choice. If this were not so, history would be much more bland.

Just a few things to keep in mind...

- If your argument comes down to "get with it, everybody knows..." you may not have a valid argument.

- While it's fine to call on someone to back their statements up, if your side of a discussion consists only of "Prove it," you aren't contributing much to the discussion. I call this the siege mentality. While your opponent spends hours researching and writing an intelligent response, you take less than a minute out of your time to find just the right line and replying with "prove it." The fact that your opponent gives up after the sixth or seventh time does not mean you've "won." It only means that they got tired of the childish game.

- If you have nothing to say other than to attack someone's spelling, consider the battle lost.

- As firmly as you believe your side and think it is the only sensible option, so does your opponent for his view.

- Bush voters will not be refered to as Right-wing fascists. Kerry supporters will not be called pinko-commie bastards. Nader voters are not air-headed tree huggers. Libertarians are not druggie anarchists. And independants will not be reminded that the only thing in the middle of the road is a yellow stripe and some dead armadillos. If I've failed to offend your political preference, I appologize.

None of us have a monopoly on knowledge, let's not try to act like we do.
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